Having access to the contact numbers for your local energy company can be very important. Electric and gas service is important not only in UK households, but also in businesses throughout the country as well. When your energy service is interrupted, the ability to locate a valid phone number for calling to report the problem is going to be extremely important. The telephone numbers that we have provided here can be used to report a service outage, report local emergencies outside of your home or business, and to alert your energy company of any hazardous conditions. These phone numbers may also be used for account information, payment help, service orders, and more.

At Flaptor, we provide contact numbers for popular energy companies such as EON, British Gas, Scottish Power, NPower, EDF, First Utility, and more. The phone numbers that we provide can be used to connect with energy company customer service departments where agents can provide assistance with bills, payments, moving home, new service, and more. In addition to energy company telephone numbers, this site contains important information for contact in addition to phoning the customer service department. We provide a variety of alternate contact details and important links to energy company websites to ensure that you have all of the information needed to solve problems and get answers to your questions.

Energy Companies