Groupon Contact Number: 0870 280 2577

Dial the Groupon contact number on 0870 280 2577 to enquire about deal availability or to request assistance with making a purchase. If you need help with redeeming a Groupon, need to report a problem, or wish to request a refund on a purchase, contact the Groupon customer service department. Groupon contact is recommended for business owners who wish to offer product or service deals on the site. The Groupon phone number is open to callers from 8am to 8pm, Monday through Friday.

Groupon Contact Number
0870 280 2577

Calls cost 13p per minute plus your phone companies access charge.

Groupon Contact Numbers

HelplineContact Number
Customer Services0203 510 0444
Complaints0203 510 0444
From Abroad+44 203 510 0444
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Groupon operates an online e-commerce platform that is available to customers in hundreds of markets globally. Should you need to connect to the Groupon customer service department, dial 0870 280 2577 from any landline or mobile phone. The primary service is based on allowing businesses to offer special discounts to customers, thus providing a boost to their businesses. Both goods and services are made available on the website, where customers can complete a purchase. Eric Lefkofsky is the current CEO of the Chicago-based business, and Groupon has been in operation for several years now, having launched in 2008.

Groupon Contact Number – Customer Service Department


If you would like to read general information about the service, the company website ( is the best place to start. For information that goes into more detail, or answers to specific questions, contact Groupon at 0870 280 2577. Phone contact is the fastest way to get help, but the company does offer two other contact methods – email and social media. Emails can only be sent from the website, after accessing the online help tool. To contact the company via social media, you can choose to post to their page or send a message.

Groupon Phone Number for Purchase Help

All purchases of goods and services must be completed via the company website. To claim a product or service locally, you will need to have printed out a confirmation of purchase to take along with you. Some purchases may be for goods that are delivered via mail. A tracking number will be associated with such a purchase, allowing you to track the delivery. Any problems with purchasing or shipping need to be reported as soon as possible. If you need any help with this, call Groupon customer services at 0871 683 1741 and speak with an agent.

Groupon Help for Problem Reporting


It is possible for problems to arise when using a voucher to claim a purchased item or service. Do be sure to contact Groupon immediately if you experience problems with claiming a purchase. A few tips that may help to eliminate problems include always printing out your vouchers, using them before they expire, and following any special instructions that are provided. If the fault lies with the merchant, call Groupon customer service and request to be refunded. Alternately, you can make this request online through your account. To do this, visit the help area and select the merchant problem topic.

Groupon Customer Support for Accounts

Anyone can sign up for an account, and there are several benefits associated with doing so. One of the main benefits is the ability to save purchase information and printable vouchers in one place. Another perk is the ability to save payment information for fast purchases of limited time offers. If you need help with any matter related to your account, call the Groupon helpline at 0871 683 1741. Once connected to a rep, you can make request such as updating your information, canceling your account, requesting a refund, and more.

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