Public Services

Nearly everyone in the UK needs to deal with public service entities at some time or another. Whether you need to tax your vehicle, apply for benefits, complete your income taxes, or apply for a driving licence, public service contact numbers are going to be important. In the United Kingdom, the two major public service providers are the DVLA and HMRC. On this site you will find an exhaustive list of telephone numbers and contact information for both of these major public entities. In addition, you will find postal addresses, email addresses, and links to important online information and forms here.

In addition to DVLA and HMRC, you will find the phone numbers for ESA, Tax Credits, CSA, Income Support, Universal Credit, and more on this website. As mentioned above, we do provide alternate contact details when possible, which includes social media contact information. Do keep in mind that when dealing with public services, personal and private information is often exchanges. Because of this fact, it is important to select only the most secure contact methods when reaching out for support. In most cases, calling the public service telephone number is going to be the very best option for getting assistance, resolving problems, and completing necessary tasks.

Public Service Organisations